• At the bottom of every single oversea student’s heart, I do believe they would love to contribute knowledge they have learnt to make the world a bit better or specifically their own country, city. They surely have big heart, decent behavior and knowledgable head, which makes them of course strong believers.
  • However, life is not as easy as one can say or let me rephrase, life is not as theoretically difficult as the books would describe. it is just out of our imagination. Perhaps, according to positive thinking, it can be considered as one of the considerably exciting parts in our life’s journey. All weapons we need to face these challenge is just simply “believe”.
  •  Believe in yourself, you are an unique human being, who is smart enough to realize that life is tough at times, and luck is just mistakenly not by your side this time. For sure, you know that this experience definitely helps you to grow up more, plus makes the people who you love and love you more proud of the- by- far- better- human- being who you are going to be soon.
  •  Believe in life again, you are not Chris Pine in “Just my luck” movie. Everyone has at least more than 2 times of being agonized or tortured by our life. At least you are still able to chew out the unpleasant sorrow by surfing through my blog ( just kidding lol) . I would be so glad if it helps. Honestly, you could not imagine how sore uncertain my situation is right now. Just right back after a three-week vacation in my home country, Vietnam, I came back to the Netherlands, where I have been studying my  bachelor. I was scammed by the landlord, my 800 euro had been gone ( I’ll write in next blog for more detail of this horrible fraud by renting the room abroad). I still have not got my internship while the university’s deadline is coming way too soon. Never had I been in this horrible case, no place to stay, no real purpose for the next chapter of life and studies. My life has seemed to be stuck forever.
  • Things are for sure getting better, dear my readers, my supposed believers ( I trust you are). Some true friends have helped me out, sincerely I am grateful for having them by my side. And my parents, family have been always giving support borderless-ly. I am reporting to the police about the scam tomorrow. I am getting an internship call by this afternoon. There is always a way, my dear reader!

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