How to overcome the block-outs? The most strikingly uncanniness in writing would be the feeling of being blocked or else you have had enormous number of ideas but they could just not be written down in a reasonably acceptable way to be hopefully read. Are you feeling like you are picky but actually you also feel yourself useless? It is such an annoyance ever. Nevertheless, I bet everyone of us, all have been through this stage. Fortunately, the inspiration to form a highly expectedly proud-able piece of writing always or most of the time comes to me like an unexpectedly surprising fresh blow of summer winds. And I could not be more honest to say, that feeling would be the most enjoyably emotional phase ever someone is able to experience in life. Your stomach is like having butterflies playing or dancing around.  Don’t worry it will not be a notice that you should be extremely careful of something bad might happen. it will be a promisingly amazing unknowns, which can keep you smiling without a definite reason ( that’s why at times I can be caught smiling alone lol, kinda bizarre isn’t it)

I have sought my mentor for the advice what to do when you just cannot write. Everyone has their own approaches to unlock this unwelcome moment. Through out the days, I also have my own. Although I am aware that I still need to ameliorate myself abundantly,I have learnt that the most crucial point is allowing myself to enjoy the moment, engage in it. Don’t be too much stress out yourself, otherwise you are just tiring yourself out. Speaking of which, this sophisticated and highly noteworthy lesson I have collected by Marie Forlio – the next generation of Operah Winfrey. There are some ironically funny experience I have obtained by this approach, the splendid thoughts for my writing come accidentally when I am biking on the road, I am at the gym in the middle of the Zumba class. Or even hysterically when I am on the train with my laptop and keep tying down my self-assessed valuable words which I have just luckily got, and at the moment the train stops, my fingers and my mind just like have been authorized to pause as well. And when the train is driving again, so do my body-working-tools (from head to toe lol).
I have noticed that the moment the ideas are granted wildly like this, you just love to make it in piece of writing in no time. Nevertheless, believe me, calm down and breath slowly and enjoy the taste of satisfaction just a second. Then you certainly are able to create the most unbelievable words.
There is another sincerely recommended method of which I have been making use, is so-called mixed-emoties-smoothie. It is made of a good rest – usually after I had a tight sleep, surfing my favorite blogs or my own previous products (-.@). Next this mixture is combined with a jungle of music which I often got from my best friend, she had just thrown them into me and said listen lol ( such a command but helpful sometimes l0l). Then I guess it can be done, or else you can either use in combination with a cup of mild coffee ( depends on your coffee-comsuming level- since I can be got hype by coffee, latte is preferable) or it can be replaced by tea or whatever drinks you would enjoy most. oh plus if the weather is amazingly awesome like today with sunshine, it would definitely be ideal smoothie to give a try 😉11825101_868126293257688_4582552408597660002_n
p.s: I have been blocked out times, hence I’d like to share this, hope it’ll help, love to hear from you! Truly, this wrote down by the odds of chasing around the best which would be delighted to write. I had not reckoned it would go to this topic, but so glad whenever there is a writing finished (*-*)

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