How did I find an unbelievably wishful internship in Holland?

Your network is extremely helpful ….but it is obviously not all you need!

Originally I come from Asia, particularly Vietnam, where is more than usually, people would reckon your network is your success. As long as you have a widely social groups of friends and acquaintance, it would be so useful for your future career. So do your parents, if you were luckily born in sufficiently social-ranked family with an interconnect just-outright-related-to-your- field, your bright future is sort of ensured.


It is alleged that it would be totally another story in Western countries, Europe or here I am saying the Netherlands especially.  If you are qualified for a position, you will be undoubtedly chosen for it. It is more likely to believe that here your abilities are evaluated with no more and no less, no lucky effect ;). Yet, strikingly crucial notice is that your ability, adaptation and knowledge will be determined parameters for an internship or position you are aiming to, everywhere though. To be fair, it is necessary to have a right network as well, wherever you would like to land either an internship or later a career position, but it is definitely not priority.


Unclouded goals in conjuction with the right consistence! 

It is also acutely tricky that sometimes you do not know exactly what you are wishful for.  Would you opt for a safe destination which can be cleverly arranged or a wildly completely challenge direction, yet you are passionate about? (This might be an- always-in-mind-question-of-our-century 😉 ). Believe me, you will get your ever-wanted- internship if you holistically invest in it. If you asked me how many vacancies I had sent my applications to, lol sorry even I do not remember honestly, because it was countless I guessed. So far, I have realized that you never know what you are capable of until you had tried it. Thereof I am interning a marvelously fascinating business area that I could not envisage before. And I have truly found a passion as well as commitment which rise me up early every tempting morning.


The- realistic – office – world you can touch only when you are there!

Of course, we have seen so much office scenes either by visiting in real life or perhaps by watching movies. Everyone could at least imagine themselves how it would be. Nevertheless, it is always an interesting astonishment in a first interning day when it seems like your horizon has been just broadened and all theories you have learnt are putting in practice as much as possible. Although I had workplace training so as to expect how my internship would be happening, it is still immensely amazing to experience and enjoy the fruit of my hard-working-plus-never-give-up application period. Also, bunds of soft skills I have greatly gained through the interviews, which is priceless lesson for my own personal growth.


Again, it is always a choice that you can answer just for yourself, whatever you choose, do believe in it. I am whole-headedly-plus- heartedly sure that your internship is so worthy that you could not miss it in your career’s journey.  As long as after horrendously long hours at workplace, you come home and would still be tremendously able to say “yes” and “yes” and endless “yes” with the job you have done.


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