Have you ever heard of Agenda in the Netherlands?

It is so immensely popular that almost everyone uses it on daily basis and always innately has it with them.  Plus there is a little hysterical peace of funny story for an expat, when he wanted to ask a Dutch girl out, he thought she might have been playing hard to get. Since when he asked her if she had time for a drink on Tuesday, then she was just as honest as she could with her agenda and replied: “oh, nice! But Tuesday I have an appointment”. He insisted:” how about Wednesday”.  She was checking on her powerfully-decisive- little-notebook again 😉  : “ oh no my agenda is full, Wednesday I can’t either, neither Thursday nor Friday.” Finally, he just pitifully gave up:” okay you know what never mind”


Agenda is not an uncommon word to everyone around the world, but the most common and powerful this word is I have only seen in the Netherlands, wherein Dutch make use it to the utmost. It was exceptionally intriguing to me how and why people are still sort of a bit unbelievably old fashioned like this. Despite the fact I thought using agenda especially in a written way, which would be bit of verbiage; my curiosity was so wildly huge that I had to give it a try. Another reason I tried perhaps also because they do sell many in every bookstore in the Netherlands with all styles which would suit variety tastes of agenda-ers: colourfully eye-catching, sophisticated, plain and simple (and I am not a book-aholic though, but I love to be at the bookstores like every guy would love to be at Mediamarkt – kind of a famous electronic market here or a child at the ice-cream store). That’s why I could not resist of picking up one of a year for myself, hilariously if it was not yearly agenda, I would have had an enormous collection of agendas already.

why sleep

Nevertheless, it might be beyond your imagination because the advantages of using agenda are spectacular. It is scientifically proven that whenever you write down, the motivation for you to make it happen is much more likely to increase dramatically (truly from Mr. R. Cialdini- the author of “Influence”). Also it helps you organise more effectively, as well as prioritise what’s important, which is usually confused with what’s urgent ( initiated by Mr. Stephen Covey from ” the 7 habits of highly effective people”). I don’t want to exaggerate but the Dutch really deserve an big applause on using agenda regarding these advanced benefits.

Honestly, first time I was using this, I was so eager to jot down everything in details what I really wanted to achieve in a day. Watch out!! Don’t be too ambitious otherwise you would be overwhelming and stressing yourself out. Because there were too many tasks to get done. What a shame! I dropped out nearly a half of them; sometimes it got me so frustrated. However, the point is that  you are learning day by day by making and recognising mistakes. So, don’t worry! You’ll overcome it soon! I promise 😉 or just I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

nobody cares

And right now, agenda becomes an incredibly necessary item on my wish list for new year, which is definitely as important as new clothes for a girl ;-p. What about the old agenda of previous years? Should they be in the trash? Lol …Oh No way! They are certainly kept in a little memory box as priceless treasure of my own. Sometimes perhaps nostalgic moments, I could turn those valuable pages on the agendas as well as track myself, where I have been developing or losing track of my activities to learn and improve myself from it. At times, it is just really funny how it’s turned out differently from what I wrote down but it’s also shown off the need for flexibility. Thereof, although it keeps you committed to what you promised yourself greatly so that you had it written down, sometimes a bit adjustment would be an anti-rigidity, which can lead to surprised joy ;0.

lovely corner

2 thoughts on “Have you ever heard of Agenda in the Netherlands?

  1. Hi I am curious about your comment about this scammer Oostdam. My girl friend is in contact with him as he is offering a room in Adam Spuistraat. Looks Like a scam but now he sent copy of passport which might not be his of course. Which Police is on this scammer case? I would like to give them some info.


    1. Hey Paul ,
      thanks for asking!
      The police told me if there is any case like this happens, you could report in the police at the region which the room is addressed.
      I would suggest that you could go to the police station in any city to report. Better safe than sorry,which I have learnt bitterly!
      Good luck!


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