Say “Yes” to a New Year’s Resolution!

Most of us are familiar with New Year’s resolutions. The thought of making a list has been on and off my mind for years. Life often gets busy and hectic; goals you set for yourself are often forgotten or ignored.  At the end of 2015, it seemed like another year just went by, life is indeed short. So for 2016 I really want to push myself to jot my New Year’s resolutions down seriously. If I don’t do it now, when am I going to make it happen then?  Any excellently appropriate answer to the “when” above is just a nice excuse or pathetic procrastination frankly!

work it out.jpg

Honestly, I  felt fantastic and pretty proud when I wrote my New Year’s resolution list. The list helps immensely for those moments when you are unmotivated or doubting yourself (or at least you surely can reduce the possibility of facing to the hyper pathetic “what am I doing now” question;) ). You have goals to achieve and you are clearly living up to your purposes, you are doing it all to get closer to a better version of yourself.  Not only will you discover your weaknesses  but it also shows that you have the courage to recognize and admit you need to do something about those weaknesses.

if you never try

It’s always a good idea to review 2015 first and be honest about what you have and haven’t been satisfied with. They might be painful, ridiculous or even embarrassing events or moments, but please do!  It’s totally healthy for to recognise your own good and bad points.  For me, the reward was a thrilling and mind-blowing moment after the reviewing process, because I discovered some of my new passions for the New Year.  There’s nothing better than knowing what you want.

live it.jpg

I have googled to find techniques to make my list perfect or at least do-able for the first time, but it still surprised me how my resolution list was created. At first, it seemed like a bucket list, and then I reckoned it’s better to narrow down from a whole years perspective to monthly, weekly and daily.  For example, you can list places you want to visit for this year ( scratch map is an awesome motivator 😀 ). Monthly, I aspire to read a book or write two articles for instance. Weekly, I opt for a healthy shopping list. Daily, I attempt to be an early bird living in the moment ( wake up with the favourite radio channel is more recommended than a favourite song ;), you know how a lovely song could turn into the most hateful song of the day when it’s set up to do its alarm job) . Ultimately, it was really exciting to finish my list. It felt exactly like the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley: “I am the master of my life, I am the captain of my soul.” yey!!


New Year began a week ago, so you might think it is a bit late to make a list of resolutions? Of course not, it is never too late 😉 and You know it :D!

For me, New Year is just the most popular notion of ending a circle of 365 days more or less. January is the most favorable month to start a year, maybe because of its contagious fresh energy throughout the year (it’s just my most preferable after my own best April, regardless the weather factor here: D)  Perhaps you can even have your own New Year’s Eve at different date ;).  Besides, the importance still depends on how you are putting your resolutions in practice.

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