What if Dutch and Danes had a competition?

Both countries have happened to be my favourite ever. Both are kindly warmhearted and happy to have them around. There are some similarities and difference that are so incredibly noteworthy. I have just moved to Denmark recently for my study exchange, so dear my Duchies don’t worry I am not going to be really a fickle fan of the Danes (although it might not be easy…:D)


The Danes definitely win the Dutch over in terms of their flag. It seems to me the Danes do  show affection to their flag in a greater extent then the Dutch, they even put it in their birthday cake. Sorry my Dutchies, I just did not have chance to see your national flag on your birthday cake, but you do have awesome apple tart though: D

It is interesting fact that if in Dutch we have gezellig in Danish we do have hyggelig 😀 I bet you know what I meant 😉 Omg still I have to say how could you guys together have a common ground on liquorice, the salty sweet candy? It changed the whole concept of sweet candy ever. If Dutch is so polite with alsjeblieft (as you wish or please)) all the time, don’t be surprise, Danish are just so straightforward, there is no such a word like that: D


I have to be honest, I could not give any favourable points for the weather especially now, both do have a lot of wind, chilliness and not enough sun time. More than often it is dark, which is surprisingly demotivated. Yet I guess coffee does help since both are in top ten countries in the world that consumes high level of coffee per capita.



Although you do have your ID card or passport, in each country, you need a social number for registration in the national system as BSN and CPR respectively in the Netherlands and Denmark. It is more interesting to notice that the first six numbers of the Danes’s ones are actually your birthday (ddmmyy), so folks you should not even think of cheating about your age (why would people lie about that anyway)

Another confession: I am not a fan of the Dutch railway NS. However, I do enjoy the train DSB in Denmark in many ways.

I am not even trying to equalize countries’ pros and cons, I have enjoying both immensely P.s: this article is just my own opinion based on the experience I have gotten in these two countries; I am fully aware of my bias since the living-time difference that I have lived in each of them.


about me!

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You can call me Galaxy because Nganha my name has the same meaning in English ( if it’s easier for you to pronounce or remember). I had thought perhaps Samsung should have asked for taking my name as their product’s name by the way 😀

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