about me!

hey there!

You can call me Galaxy because Nganha my name has the same meaning in English ( if it’s easier for you to pronounce or remember). I had thought perhaps Samsung should have asked for taking my name as their product’s name by the way 😀

I am an undergraduate studying far from my homeland. Wondering how far is it? Just oversea, around 13.35 hours flight or so ^^ at this point. ( Google has said so 😉

Why have I made this blog? Because ” people work on thing to stay together, you will end it alone without sharing”.  I want to have a community that people could share, useful stuff, so I think it would not be a bad idea to just throw my considered thoughts  and experience I want to share here. Then when someone wants to know something, just ask Google, it will automatically appear somehow.

I love to read, but also to write here and there, now and then

I love movies but music is irreplaceable either

I love to talk, but also to listen to “worthy persons”

I love to eat, but sometimes to try to cook ( work-in-progress ;))  p.s: just research ” baking” could sweep your stress out

I love to travel, but also enjoy my “moment” city

I love sunshine, but snowy scene is also charming

I love myself, but also everyone ( at least I try) 😀

aah I love languages just as much as chocolate as well

I am wide open to your constructive comments!



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