A Normal Day…

Once upon a time, there would be a normal day as today….I know the least favourable thing ever is to be normal and predictable, however everything can be spiced up in the way you’d never expected…

Here is how my normal day has begun….

Less positively, nothing seems to be done from the to-do list.

Seriously, too Impressed!

Took the train to the class in Hjorring, then happened to know the class had been cancelled when I had just arrived ( a pretty day!!)

It was warmly sunshine yesterday, which tempted me to believe Miss Spring is actually coming in town. Yet today is just another cloudy day in Northern Denmark :/

A day like this, you must have heard of “happy pills” . I think here you can buy them legally!!  surpriseddddd

More positively, there was a package of surprise by small talks and engaging conversations with everyone. And definitely, everyone has something valuable to learn from.

I was really amazed to have been told about the Bulgarian tradition of giving each other red -and -white bracelet “martenitsi” on the 1st of March. Red and white represent for health and pure happiness respectively. It should be worn until you see the swallow or stork, which reminds of spring time. Then it can be taken out and put on the branch of a tree, which is blooming preferably.


And just say cheese! Smile genuinely because why not?  😀

Bonus: a perfect Ted talk by Celeste Headlee to kill my time on the train


I was pretty much inspired by her brilliantly witty talk, it was entertaining yet useful learning  ( p.s: if only all teachers could give speech like this, student life would be totally fantastic)

P.s 1: It’s a normal day and everything’s happened randomly, so I am fully aware of its bewilderment 😛

p.s 2: Just by chance know that this normal day is Saint Patrick’s day!