DSC_0278Venice was incredibly amazing than I had expected. Although I did my research with must-see places in this cannot-be-more-attractive city, for that moment, I could totally get why a millennial Harriet in “Welcome to my world” had been stubbornly saved this city for her entire life and called herself an armchair travel agent.

Everyone is different in varied ways, however the main character- Harriet who Miranda Dickinson created did successfully reflect any one of us.  There is always insecurity and fear to be alone, especially in an unfamiliar place.  Yet trust me, you will discover and understand yourself more when you truly get in touch with your self. Moreover, it is never pathetic to be alone, it is more likely to be an encouragement to open yourself with the world, people around you, talk to strangers along the trip, rather than focusing on your cellphone. Furthermore, you will be aware of treasuring the moments with the right persons, friends and family. If we are willing to let ourselves be understood and openly to the difference, it could be a solution to horrible menace such as terrorists.


If someone said traveling is about finding and getting in touch with yourself, it’s also creating and discovering a new you. I would not have known the other side of me. Besides, it helps you get a clear picture what you want, why are you doing what you do, more perhaps brutally honest reflection: D 

12647438_960430297360620_6194403584592152664_n_FotorFor me, Venice was more than a just a trip, it was a huge step to self-discovery in my personal life as well as my goals, I don’t want just let my 20s be and go or wait cluelessly for the ambiguity.  I do understand why Harried  who always want to save her most-wanted destination Venice for the love of her life, this makes me feel even more gracious when I wasn’t like her, I chose to be here even with myself. Resultantly, I was as happy as I have been in my life. The opposite of Harriet, Alex was completely right “if you think about things too much, you would never do anything or go anywhere”, “would you rather along a gorgeous palm fringed beach somewhere or reading about it?” By chance, I could lay this special piece of reading where it truly belongs to.


Everything was sort into place easily with travelling around by Water-bus ( I bought the ticket for 24 hours around 30 euro) or more exclusively you can try  ” water taxi” or royally-looking “gondola” . Literally all transportation on water and there is no “normal vehicle” in this adorable city even ambulance.


The ear-worm ” whatever I am in Venice” was automatically playing in my head , which makes always smile and greatly content on every step I took. My mind was freely flying around wherever it wants. I could enjoy the feeling of cheerful sunshine as summer in day time and a bit of chill of winter in Venice in the middle of January.

It was a low season in the middle of January, tourists were less then usually, nevertheless, it was about to Venice Carnival and it is Venice, so don’t expect price would go down more. Also be careful with service fee in some restaurants, but it will be a worthy experience of mischievously Italian style 😉    I was pampered by the charm of Venice as well as the Italian amazing dishes



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Especially you would love to try your navigation skills by going without google map or GPS instead of just paper map. It feels to some extent I  was aware where I was heading to but not exactly the details.  Perhaps I should have been turning right instead of left to get the destination quicker, but I was self satisfied with whatever my choice, sooner or later the arrival would be reached anyway.


Just imagine there were no routes on the earth, they have been created merely by people’s footsteps.



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