Splendid Sweden!!

Sweden would be my most amazingly spontaneous journey so far! Train tickets were easy bought with the most sincere ticket sellers ever, hostels were easily paid just when you got there. It would be a heaven peace-of-mind. I was lucky enough to have non-complainable weather with glorious sunshine and crystal clear sky in the end of February ( tips I had just checked the weather in advance before decided to go on my journey :D) during day time.

Gothenburg  was the first piece of Swedish land I have first stepped in. Actually it did seem like walk up to the hills with most of the streets, since I have been used to with the flatness of the Netherlands and Denmark perhaps :P.  It hadn’t impressed me much with response to outstanding scenery but its kindest Swedish ever. The old couple not only amicably showed me the way to my hostel’s address but also walked along and talked to me. The locals were willing to explain where to get the most typical Swedish dishes in Gothenburg without hesitance. I was just plainly appreciative how sweet the Swedes can be 😀

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With the train heading to Stockholm was an unexpectedly eye-comforting scenery of tranquilly typical Swedish cottage in the middle of the end of February snowy field. I was not aware of the fact that I had a big crush on Sweden until arrival in Stockholm. It is totally one of the world’s most worth living cities. Stockholm gradually plus gently attracts you by its sophisticated beauty between the tactical serenity and the bustle of a modern capital in the central point of Scandinavia, where the Baltic sea happens to meet the third-largest Lake Mälaren. Stockholm offers the fulfilment of whatever you are looking. Being well-known for its feminism, Sweden is called one of the best country to be a women, you probably would see lots of female statues 😀 ( I didn’t mean my selfies here lol)

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Kalmar was one of the most peaceful city ever I have been. If you noticed my current page’s header image, it was taken there.  Frankly, I still haven’t satisfied with any other picture besides it.Finally, Malmo was obviously so appealing in a sense that it is only half an hour way from copenhagen by train, famously connected by Oresund bridge. Spectacular harmoniously blended ambience between Swedish and Danish I reckoned, which confused me a bit in the light of which country would I be more in favour.  Apparently, comparison would not be so impartial, due to different context between the living and traveling country.

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