Why is Denmark the best at brand marketing?

Denmark had its firm reputation as the happiest country in the world thanks to the Satisfaction with Life Index in 2013, 2014. Although it had dropped out a bit from the number one in 2015, undeniably it has been still among top 5 perhaps due to its free healthcare,  education and strong socially bonding communities.


It is also becoming more reasonable for me with the idea of paying the highest tax on the globe. This year 2016 Denmark has proudly won back its happiness crown in the World’s Happiness Report from United Nation. Probably it is more than common here in Denmark people would give you someone : ” what do you want in life?” and you will receive a can-not-be-more- avant-garde-reply: “to be happy”

one of my most favourite Danish vocabularies, just slightly change pronunciation of the middle “a” to blur “ea”, and hopefully it sounds like Danish 😀

Assumedly, these events have led Denmark to be one of the most desirable brand in the light of customer’s perspective. Why?  Simply because if Steve Jobs-Apple has sold dreams from America to other parts of the world, Denmark would just fill every bit of happiness into its products by just being Danish. Literally, from the supermarkets to the shop on the street, you can find very Danish goods, and you can say it from its names. For example, they have literally Dansk kød (Danes meat) , Danske gulerod (Danes carrot), Danske apple ( Danes apple, luckily written the same apple in English :D), Danske Kartoffel (patato), Danske honning (honey), Danske vand (water),  Danske kaffe(coffee),  Danske mælke (milk), Danske chokolade ( chocolate), Dansk cage (cake), surprisingly “Dansk is” ( guess what?! Danes ice-cream 😛 )  even Danske Bank, Post Danmark ( Danish Post company) and unnecessarily speechless Dansk begravelse ( Danes funeral)


Having tried to actually live and immerse myself to the Danish life rather than just being a wanderer, I could notice how Danes successfully market themselves. Perhaps I should postulate “Daneselves” as a new discovery word for modern dictionary :D.

Although I am not pretty sure if they are tremendously typical Danish merchandise or however outstandingly different they are compare to other kinds of meat or carrot or potatos and so on, they do appeal me into actually believing in its message : ” be happy as the Danes”. Moreover, I have myself found actually happy as if the happiness’s concept “Jeg er glad” had been ingrained into me. Thereof, it is hardly the case that Danish oversell their brand ever 😉





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