Vitamins for a hangover soul

Have you ever been in some ridiculous moments that you have asked yourself : “what on earth am I doing here?” ? ? It does feel like after an over-drunk night, which was fun at a few first hours then in the morning,  you perhaps would not remember anything ironically bonus the never-ever-wanted headache. Plus, it seems like everything standstill or it isn’t moving fast enough as you would wish.  It feels so suffocated to be in those inevitably unwanted moments. It would have been okay or just fine if you talked it through; nevertheless, it seemed like no-one could ever understand it. That’s when your soul was getting drunk, then of course the hangover came consequently. I call it a soul-hangover moment.

Are you ready to vitaminize your soul?  It could be “prevention is better than cure” as well 😉
  1. Firstly, it’s extraordinarily benevolent to pay a visit as a traveller in the city you have lived in, look at everything as if it was totally invisible before. Definitely these scenes surprised you in the most exciting way as if you never knew what life has in store for just you. Astonishingly, I have just recognised that a harbour might be my front yard and a spectacular valley could be be  my backyard (frankly, reality is that the former is about 500 m and the latter is approximately 1km away from my actual place, which is totally awesome enough :D)DSC_2082_Fotor_Collage_Fotor.jpg
  1. Secondly,  I did a little experiment that it does cause no harm but good to bake or just make some healthy smoothies as a cheer-up gift which appealingly sets up to prepare in advance for the next step.
  1. Thirdly, Energise yourself: put on your headphone your favourite Spotify  or interesting podcast, then go for a run around, needn’t to achieve any specific km. Just run for your own sake and enjoy the surrounding, fresh air, like “ you and nature”.

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  1. Finally, you can rest on your laurel for a little while with soul-nurturing book and enjoy your cake with green-magic smoothies 😀
 I hope your soul is enthusiastically alive again and you will have love abundance and kindness  just to give to everyone with your genuine smile.
p.s1: if Monday was a soul-hangover-day after a “long weekend”, Tuesday would be always perfect day to “vitaminize” your soul.
p.s2: “Tuesdays with Morrie” of Mitch Albom is the book I implied as soul-nurturing pill, you can’t miss reading it. Never had I ever been so intrugued in a book like this, it does answer all my doubts in my early 20s. it’s a life lesson to grow as a better human being.
p.s3: all the quotes I have put on the photos are from ” ” Tuesdays with Morrie”
Bonus: my favourite video for Tuesdays 😀 from MarieTV
Happy Tuesday!

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