If Oslo were a human being, it’s definitely one of a kind!

With regards to every single aspect to rank this city: economic, social and sightseeing, human index, I could imagine Oslo would be one of the most tempting destination for adventurers. Moreover, it could also be of the most desirable place to live on earth.  Having set foot on this city, I was so excited that my imagination had gone wild. Honestly, it could be the case that I had such a high expectation; thereof, first impression frankly was a bit disenchanting, not like “the city is not so eye-catching compared to Venice or delighted as Stockholm. ( sorry I can’t help benchmarking, it’s somehow in my gene 😉 )DSC_2121_Fotor

Nevertheless, continuing to the fjord, opera house plus the second-to-none crystal high sky, I was downright hit on. I started appreciating every single moment I would be spending on in this so-called heaven on earth.


Frankly, my information of Oslo had been out of date, so I did keep in mind that Oslo was the most expensive city in the world. Nevertheless, it was quite positive to update that since March 2016, the Economist announced Oslo has ranked 13th worldwide regarding high price of goods and service; even after Copenhagen (8th)- the most expensive city in Nordic countries.


Hence, supermarket or convenient store could be a better solution than a restaurant. Transportation is unavoidably high price, yet the experience of sitting on Norwegian tram or train was pretty enjoyable. You could see the city in another perspective. I still can’t bear laughing by the way M. Booth described Oslo: ” This is the only city I have visited where the drivers of its public transport apologise to you for the fares:” Sorry, this is Norway.””


Wandering around this city, I could say it felt like heaven on the earth except for the fact that nowadays there are some beggars along the streets, which inevitably happens in big cities mostly. Visiting Peace city – Oslo has been one of the most pleasurable experience ever.


One of the perks of travelling alone is that I have never been hesitant to ask the direction when I am not sure about what’s on the map. some would argue that it seems likeI I trust people or the locals a bit much; however, I would say it is one of the way you could culturally experience how the locals interact.  It could be quite biased, however, you never know what an unique experience you will be embarking upon.
Furthermore, maximizing human interaction when you are travelling alone is never a bad idea. Travelling alone can dramatically increase your independence, plus obviously, you usually deal with thousand of thoughts in your mind already, it’s perfect to get out for a while 😉 the Norwegian are just so happy to help me with my direction, even a small talk, but funnily noted down that in a moment, they were incredibly helpful and cheerfully talkative, the next moment when goodbye has just been said, they disappeared immediately within a blink. I was astonishingly wondered “have they just evaporated?” lol
According to the Danes, Norwegian seems like singing when they are speaking, however this language is just so attractive to me, perhaps due to the reason that I usually listen to Alexandre Rybak.  Despite the fact that some of his songs are even not in English, I don’t mind listening to Norwegian at all 😀 I could understand now how the Danes and Norwegian could have a talk to one another. Fortuitously my experience in Scandinavia of Denmark, Sweden and Norway have been vastly genial. Now I can get why they are called the almost perfect people on the earth.DSC_1830.JPG

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