Riga- something old, something new!

It was quite a quick travelling for a slow voyager like me, from the avant-grade Oslo with surprisingly wonderful Scandinavian sunny weather to chilly-still-Riga with patchy drizzle nearly the end of April. Riga did still manage to welcome me with its distinct differences that had gone beyond my expectation. Frankly, it was my first time there, thus I had been also not sure of what to expect. Moreover, brutally honest, it was a shame that I had not even known Latvia was a country since 3 years ago. Coincidently with the possible roaming for my 22nd year on earth, this city had contributed to have made one of my bucket list proudly accomplished. A randomly cool-looking bar with have-not – met – before-persons- in-the first-time-city, waiting until 00.00 in order to experience “alone birthday but not lonely” by saying it out loud regardless the consequence for once: “it’s my birthday”. What could have been worst? 😉 Believe me!  It was totally worth it and unexpectedly cool, both inside your soul 😉 and outside” free traditional shots” lol (next blog will be about what I had done after that ;), I challenge you go with your widest imagination ;), small cue: still neighbor Baltic country)

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It was always my grand pleasure when people are curious why I choose to go to the country or place where they would consider the last option to give it a go. Notwithstanding the fact that I am always fascinated by its unpopular and perhaps a bit bizarre beauty.

It was always my grand pleasure when people are curious why I choose to go to the country or place where they would consider the last option to give it a go. Notwithstanding the fact that I am always fascinated by its unpopularity and perhaps a bit bizarre beauty.


It is totally impossible to resist Mediterranean captivating Venice or luxuriously gorgeous Paris; Riga is undeniably a gentle break from the outsider to commence an inside journey. Usually especially as a female myself, I am fully aware of how much we can be easily obsessed by fashionable clothing, comfort zone, security and so forth. Yet, let’s try to step out at least once in your life, forget all about those needs. Let’s just focus on your journey with great discovery, being self content and fulfilled. Again travelling alone does not mean lonesome. In contrast, you have chance to interact with so many people on the road, learn from your surround as well as your mistakes, also more appreciate when you are with like-minded people. Don’t scare to be different in your own road!  The old saying or can-be mantras goes “there was no road on earth, it was made by human’s footstep”.

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Riga gave me an impression of the millennial who are searching for brighter direction plus a rightful craving for more advanced development carrying along both pros and cons of its heavy communist history, especially influence from Russian aristocracy. Geographically, it is quite nearly Russia, but please keep in mind they have their own Latvian, it would not be wise to assume all of them speak Russian : P, whilst a minority can of course.

With response to our international language, even if people there could not speak – English well, they would try any possibilities to help you understand them. I was aware that Latvian would not be so friendly as the Dutch, who would be smiling and saying “hi” to everyone, when I was there I could understand it is just because of different culture that affects human behaviour in a specific context. Let’s embrace the differences which can be huge potential synergy.


Accidentally, it came to me that when I was a wee child, my cultural awareness had been just all about my birth country, other countries were just known by their names. I would have not even imagined about other human beings from different colors, languages, ethnics, now every corner on earth is just so fantastically mind-blowing with enchanting diversity. I would suggest travel or seeing other place should be deemed as “DiscoveJoy” meaning wholeheartedly discovering and enjoying at the same time while you have chances :D.

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