Which is your best transportation in Barcelona?

Along with my wish to wander as sustainably as the locals, my staying in Barcelona has raised some thoughts, bonus a tiny research of how to getting by with less hassles. In a city of more than 1.6 million citizens plus enormous amount of wanderers or officially non-locals like me, Barcelona is adequate enough to have you squeezed on the bus or scrambled on the metro at peak time. So far, I could try to pretend as a local to assume there are 7 options for transport in Barcelona to share:

  1. Metro- el metro: as you might know, it is fast and convenient, within more or less each 5 minutes, there comes the next one. Approximately 1 km, there is an underground station which is obviously visible.
  2. Train- el tren: this is frankly even faster than the former, or I can say the fastest. Just imagine, from La Sagrera to the most popular place – Cataluña, which would take a while around at least 15 min. Guess what?! Only 5 min, you will have already arrived at the heart of Barcelona by train.
  3. Bus -el autobús: if one of the cons of these vehicles above is that you cannot really entertain your eye by the view of this energetic city, bus is probably the better option. However, it takes double amount of time compared to metro, and 5 times slower than train . Well, everything has pros and cons :P. Still, amazing enough, the price for each journey is the same, 1 euro only if you buy the T-10 zone ticket within Barcelona. Good point is that it costs just 9.95 euro.

The ticket counts by the journey you made, once you check in at the machine, you can have a ride within 1.15 hour. there are code number in the other side of the ticket, which helps you keep on track of which dates you used and use times you have left from 10-0.

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4. Car- el coche: Up to now, I haven’t experience this option, I highly advice you should skip this option though. Firstly, it is definitely pricy. Secondly for sure, it is not sustainable at all, especially just in and around Barcelona. You can check blablacar.es or comparebus.com if you want to travel out Barcelona a bit.

5. Motorcycle -la motocicleta: this can give grand flexibility, speed and less sweaty in this summer weather of Barcelona. Possibly, it is cheaper than car; nevertheless, it is still pretty costly and not environmentally friendly at all. Furthermore, it involves high percentage of accident when you are not used to riding motorcycle, especially in this crowded traffic. Honestly, I don’t recommend it at all.

6. Bike – la bicicleta: perhaps thanks to my unignoreable staying in the Netherlands and Denmark, biking is an essential part of my daily commute. It is healthy and undoubtedly environmentally friendly, bonus it does not cost an fortune. It might cost 4-6 euro per hour if you rent it. However, if you stay for more than a month or so, buy a second hand one at the Recycling Barcelona shop would be the best choice. Or else, look up on the internet if luck is on your side ;). It costs up to maximum 150 euro for a bike, and then I reckon you can resell it when you leave.

p.s: if you are registered as Barcelona resident, you can use the city bike: www.bicing.cat. it is around 48-50euro for annual subscription.

All in all, I greatly love my life here with a bike in combination with T-1o zone ticket, which could save me from being late for an appointment or unexpectedly get lost too far away to bike 😀