Should we go to the museum while travelling?

When I was doing my exchange study regarding Natural and Cultural Heritage Management in Denmark, there was a noteworthy question raised in my class: “How could we attract more young adults to the museum?” It could be understood that the concept “museum” itself does not sound tempting at all as a millennial myself compare to other supposed to be more exciting activities.

Especially during travelling, it never was a priority for me to consider paying a visit in a museum. First of all, I would rather indulge myself in authentically local meals in combination with the unparalleled surrounding and atmosphere. Secondly, it can be the case that our time as well some budgets might be limited; therefore, how we could miss the scenery or attractive sight seeings, which has been one of the most irresistibly crucial reasons for us to make a worthwhile journey?! However, my perspective had been recently turned against all the arguments above when I actually spent my weekend time wondering around some museums in Barcelona.

Honestly, I have had some interests in art but I always had better reasons for not going to the museum. When I was at the Museum Blau, fortunately, I realised how beneficial to wander at the museum:


  1. The more you know the better

When we were young, we usually were curios about everything wherever it came from. The older you get, the more reasonable to lure yourself into the general believe: it is better to specialise in something than scatter our knowledge around.  You can learn enormously knowledge outside of your expertise or major focus. There is always useful information you could learn. I believe we are dying only when we stop learning. Often at times, we do too focus on our specialisation to easily forget other interesting categories. Furthermore, it is always easier to stay or dig deeper in our comfort zone. Nonetheless, life would be so boring to just stay in the box, don’t you think? That’s why we have “out-of-box idea”.

    2. Pick up some new vocabularies:

The exhibition is often multilingually presented; hence it is easy to pick up some helpful vocabularies, which can sharpen your verbal skills. So far, I have noticed, the exhibition is at least presented in two languages, the local language and English or other well-known languages. Thus, you cannot avoid getting smarter 😉

3. Combination of physical and mental exercise:

Going to the museum is actually a healthy exercise both physically and mentally. Because you still have to walk around, explore the demonstration while absorbing the displayed information. Personally, I am highly in favour of audio guide which is provided or rented at some museums. I supposed it was one of the most efficient way to visit the museum. While your eyes have to widely open to appreciate the art, it’s better to listen and absorb the information than read in details I supposed. It could increase the enjoyment of the visitors. Especially this could be the solution for museum to attract more target visitors.

Bonus: I have jotted down some tips for a better museum visit

  1. This is one of the time you feel so grateful to be a student when your student card can bring either a free ticket or discount to your museum visit: for example in Germany (Berlin), France ( Paris- Lourve Museum)
  2. You can save tons of time for booking online. For instance, you know how significantly crowded Louvre Museum can be.
  3. You can buy a museum discount card if you’re a museum fan.  For example in the Netherlands, 50euro per year.
  4. You can look for something free opening hours and special days of the museums. For instance at National museum in Stockholm on Wednesday’ night, some museums Barcelona usually at weekend or the first Sunday of the month.