6 highly acknowledged lessons in 2016

Before counting down to New Year 2017, it has been an urge for me to write down some thoughts. These thoughts have been kept with me during the hibernated period, no matter how I tried to unfold, they seemed to be procrastinated until the supposedly right moment. A few hours to the new year, here are 6 lessons I am blessed to have learnt along in 2016.


  1. Don’t expect too much from others but it is ok to have high expectation for yourself.

I fortunately learnt in Denmark which is well-known as the happiest country in the world with some personal adjustments. I had been too ambitious and frequently set high expectation for everything; consequently, it was more likely to get disappointed and felt not so satisfied. When I began to see in another perspective according to this motto, everything is indeed getting brighter and brighter. At first I had found having low expectation too laid back and chilled out, yet it would be perfect as long as you have high expectation for yourself. You can still be happily ambitious.


In general, this year has been more than I expected, in related to the goals I had set for 2016. I was amazed and content with what I have done particularly in this very 2016. Blessedly, I have started this year in the Netherlands, then Italy, off to Germany, stayed in Denmark a while, crossed the sea a bit to Norway, Sweden, flew miles to Latvia, roamed to Lithuania, then France and Barcelona with ups and downs, and happy to be back in the Netherlands then off on the road to the Germany to Austria, Hungary and Slovakia to count down for the graceful transition from 2016 to 2017 in the middle of somewhere.

It indeed surprised me with its hugely expected events both blissful and honestly regretful ones. However, I would not trade them to anything else because it is how my 2016 has been made.

  1. Things come and go, life is made of flows. All you have is moment! 


A few years ago, I was taught in a macroeconomic class regarding monetary theory, which is stated that money is only valuable for use and exchange. Because it was commenced for exchanging goods, the money has been set as a tool or standard to fasten or simplify the process. Similarly, everything must move and change to grow otherwise we are all like dead sea, standstill. The only thing stays constant is change. The quicker you accept the situation and move on, the more happiness awaits. Don’t hold back or grudges, just acknowledge the moments and enjoy the ride with its possible offer. At the end of the day, it is either a lesson or blessing.

  1. Nothing is entirely bad. Everything is relative. All depends on how you perceive it!

There is no black and white as my favorite teacher usually said in his lecture. I was so upset if I got unsatisfied results from an exam or so; nevertheless, it is just a process of learning. At the end it is who you are, what you know, nothing can holistically measure you unless you allow it to. Likewise, during my internships or in life, I have noticed that there is no definite result. It can be always improved as long as we are widely open and willing to learn.

  1. No matter what you are going to be just fine! You’ll know when you get there. ( The Hollars) 

Bumps on the road, ups and downs in life are inevitable. It is just how you choose to deal with it or how you choose to react. A problem can be an opportunity to sharpen your skills, rise up your capability. If there was no problem at all, you might have not become a well grown-up as today. If had not been scammed, if I had not lost my stuff …, I would not have been more attentive or careful, appreciated what I had or try to live more sustainably without buying so much unnesseary things  ….:) and recognised that eventually it is just fine!

  1. People are different, accept who they are in a way you want to be accepted.


As S. Convey- the famous author of “Seven habits of highly effectively people” claimed that we should first seek to understand before being understood. Human beings are absolutely diverse thanks to their origin, their own uniqueness.Sometimes we misunderstand each other, it is totally normal as human immediate assumption based on their own culture. Just keep believe that usually people mean well. Trust me, it does pay off!

I could not be more grateful to have met people from different walks of life who have become friends for life to share not only beautiful moments but also the ugly truths ;). Also I could not be prouder with improvement on my relationships with myself and the love ones.

  1. You get what you give


It might sound cliché but simply what comes around turns around. When you throw your positive energy, it will definitely come back to you in one way or another. It indeed was confirmed strikingly when I was greatly honoured to be involved in Tedxsaxionuniversity Brave New World. Particularly in the section of  Ms Dorothy Oger – a Belgian poet-coach, is definitely a lively example of this with her well-spread poem – “I shall stand for love” (translated in more than 40 languages) after having lost a friend during the terrorist attacks in Brussels. No matter what happened, you shall receive love if you spread it freely!

Happy New 2017 with love!!! xxx