Letter to my past, present, future self: the good, the bad and the in-between

Have you ever encountered the gut feeling so intensely that you’ve got to do something about it? My life has been going just great; however, there is something missing. Since blue Monday, as usual, the New Year’s resolutions starts failing miserably, at least for me lol. Supposedly, every New Year’s resolution cannot really survive and succeed without a firm believe plus a clear direction or what is called in business terms as “mission & vision”. That’s why there is such a profound question stuck in my head from a random talk: “why are we doing what we are doing?” I do believe if this question cannot be answered, aren’t we just sleepy walking or building our sandy castle?”


The letter to myself surely helps to fast-track: the good, the bad, the something in between in the past, present and future. Life is interesting in a way that our past, present and highly possible future do always contain the good, the bad and the something in between. Although theoretically in a perfect scenario, we should try our best to maximize “the good” and minimize “the bad”, the question is if the bad had not happened, how would you know if “the good” is actually good for you?


The past, it cannot and never be changed but can be learned profoundly. There were, of course, the bad, the good and the awesome in each story which makes me become “who I am in the present self.” As a human, it is always the tempting wish to change something in the past if we had a chance. For sure, I do have something I might have regretted or done differently. However, there are lots of things I would have done the same still. For example, I would still choose to study International Business and Management studies (IBMS) in the Netherlands, especially in Deventer where I got awesome chance to get to know the authentic Dutch culture, lifestyle and the funny language plus plenty of meaningful activities, which helped position myself better. I would still go for my BioResearch Marketing internship in Hoofddorp to push myself to grow. I would still choose Denmark for my Professional Intermediation minor.  I would have still decided to do the summer internship in Barcelona despite such an experience in Paris. I would still aim to gain more knowledge in Public Relations in Amsterdam. If I have to say to my past self in one sentence it would be: “You got what you wanted but in a slightly different way than you had imaged. Be patient at times!”


The present, this is always the trickiest one. The linkage between the past and the future, the bridge between consequences and opportunities. The chance to improve the past consequences. I have to admit that I do feel stressed for my final assignment sometimes, but it is my passion for Public Relations and communication in general. I cannot say that I am not happy with this reality – what I used to be dreaming of last year to be a PR girl in Amsterdam, the multicultural and open-minded heart of Europe. Briefly, I would demand myself to read the book: “It is not how good you are, it is how good you want to be.”


The future, I would rather choose to view in an optimistic approach. Although I know honestly it is hard to know what the future holds, you can always prepare at least. On the bright side, isn’t it intriguing to discover the unknown?! Let’s embrace the good, the bad and the in-between. NOT because it is inevitable BUT because life is interesting that way 😉

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