10 tips for onboarding your adulthood

Back then when I was a kid, I was super optimistic about the future. I refused to see  anything negative as if I were allergic to it. I reckoned everything would be pleasantly beautiful when I would be in my 20s as an adult. And Peter Pan was too silly to “stay not a grown up”.  Yet the naked truth is only if someone had told me in details what the deal of being an adult was.

I can’t absolutely say “been there done that all” but I am sure the sooner you recognise it the better you prepare. Supposed the checklist could go on and on as long as you have aged 😉 or grown up, here are top 10 tips for a better prepared onboarding.

  1. When things get tough, you find a way to deal with it. Don’t vanish. You know bad things do happen, you choose how to react to it.
  2. Stressing out does not help at all. It immunes you from having fun and creating something extraordinary.
  3. Remember when you were a kid, you slept well every night. Simply you believed it was going to be better or just fine tomorrow. Yes, please keep it that way! It works every time simply because it’s true.
  4. Don’t let the past influence your future decision. Lesson learned!
  5. Timing is everything, you plan something, stick to it. Being able to say no to what no longer works for you is a beautiful act.
  6. Being there for whom you care about is not a burden, it is fun to do.
  7. Your life is definitely not getting easier, it is just you who know how to deal with it better.
  8. There is no perfect role models you can mimic for your life, you have to live it yourself. Good news is that you can learn so much from them.
  9. Refusing to grow up is saying no to surprising adventure and it is definitely boring.
  10. The most beautiful mathematics: “Happiness is something that multiplies when it is divided.”


Who can really generalise adulthood into one single story? Isn’t it so unique to tell what to do and what not? What I am sure is that you have to kick off the journey to know what suits you better. You can: Either be afraid of errors and stay there. Or be daring and take chances and make changes.

Inspired by Geneva and the best travel mate!


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