That summer, This summer….

Summer is a sure thing everyone is always looking forward to. It doesn’t matter where you are, it always gives a sense of freedom and carefree. It is a perfect time of the year to ponder over what’s happened in the first quarters and what’s still needed to taking action before Christmas and New Year come again. Looking at my 2017’s resolution, these three ginornous  thoughts can’t seem to leave my mind alone…

  1. What if 

What if I could come back to that summer, I would still not change a thing, as it has been  one of my best memories. One told me “what if” is an unhealthy question. Simply because there is no ” what if“.  You have done what you could have done, should have done and would have done. I didn’t fully agree instead I came up with my own definition of it. “what if it is a powerful combination and frightening at the same time”. On the bright side, it encourages you to try your best to not have the “what if” question in mind. As terrifiying as it could be, this “what if” can also hamper you from the best decision you’ll ever make.


What if I am just dreaming about that summer, I would definitely miss the one of best thing could happen this summer.

2. Memento mori

I’m sure you would have some nostalgic moments of “oh that summer was epic”, which unfortunately you can’t go back in time. Even if you could go back, I’m sure you would not fit into the context anymore and craving to get out because you are “you of today” not “you of yesterday” anymore.

The past can be learnt from connecting the dots, hopefully it all makes sense or you can make the best sense out of it. But don’t let it stop you from living the best time you are about to create. As ” remember you have to die” – memento mori.  Clearly looking at our timeline, do you know how many summers you’ve got to live? Before you know it, it’s already over. So why not seize it now?


3. H.E.A – It isn’t the end?!

I’m quite certain most of us are somehow loyal fans of “Happily Ever After”. It can be the motivation driving us to do our best for the goals of obtaining the “H.E.A”.  For example in the movie, we’re so looking forward to seeing the ending we’re hoping for. It is a rewarding feeling that we’re always dreaming of. Yet in real life, our life, is it really the end ? Or it is always changing as the journey continues

Whatever you do, just keep moving ahead. Look back for a moment of reflection and learning curve, then move on to the next chapter. The book of your life does still need to be written by exciting and eventful moments. The time is now!


 Cheers to the memories I had in that summer, the memories I’m creating this summer! 


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