6 brutal truths of being a blogger no one ever told you

Years ago, I would have never imagined that writing and sharing new ideas, personal opinions, gathered experiences can immensely be a life’s excitement. Although explaining what exactly bloggers do to your granny or even your mum and dad is still a challenging job, it is definitely a “cannot be more popularly trendy” undertaking. Or hobby as someone might call it. Yet I would call it a new age marketing, PR form of art or else a passion because I know how many efforts bloggers have made in order to have their blogs worthwhile online. This passion does entail both joy and struggle, here are top 6 brutal truths of being a blogger no one ever told you:

1. The head thinks too much

Every single thing can easily somehow spark your interest in one way or another. You are always in for a talk on any topic to find out the root, cause and solutions. Sometimes on the street, at the gym and even annoyingly when you have just turned off the light to go to bed, then you have to turn the light on again and jot the ideas down. Otherwise, guess what, you cannot sleep while the little voices keep talking.

2. The heart does feel too much as well

As being ignited by every single thing in life, they surely have to deal with their high level of emotion. Everything has its own pros and cons, so does the emotion. Often, you can spot them being highly caffeinated by life resulting in being overjoyed, overshared and unaware of being the one who keeps talking on and on unconsciously…oops!

3. Be responsible for their own Personal Commitment

After having the blogs online, it is a form of a personal statement or a claim to continue creating and producing for the better and better. And as you might know, commitment is never easy but indeed rewarding in a long run when it comes to the right commitment. Also, being a blogger means the responsibility to keep going and moving forward, just because “quitting” does not exist in their dictionary.

4. Craving to be disconnected in a connected world

The next brutal truth is that they can be content with a laptop and of course internet to get lost in wherever in their own mind, the flow of thinking and imagination. Sometimes, they just love being alone in a crowd with their own world. It is just sometimes. Truth to be told, they do love people and enjoy getting energetic by human interaction.

5. The evil belittling noises

They do fear. The fear of being blocked of ideas. The fear of being the consumers rather than the creators of stories. The fear of lagging behind of all the latest trends, innovation. The fear of writing no sense or useless pieces of Sh*t. Guess what? I trust that we all have to overcome these evil belittling noises to be vulnerable and open to a new learning curve.

6. The impatience of sharing immediately.

When the new idea or inspiration comes, they cannot wait for a second to share it right away. Typing as if the idea would run away. Although the patience is little, it can be helpful in this case to have the words check and re-check until they are believed to be “good go to”. Only “good enough”? Ah did I forget to mention they are perfectionists as well? Another bitter truth: it is never perfect for a perfectionist.


Blogger’s P.S: if the passion is in you, you will never lose it. The struggle is always worth the rewarding joy after. Believe me! xxx

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