Being happy never goes out of fashion

Entering the adulthood especially where home can be anywhere on earth can be frightening and exciting at the same time, I figured to live a life you love, there are four keynotes to keep the ride exhilaratingly spicy 😉

1. The magic begins when you can positively handle the negative

It doesn’t mean to ignore the negative or avoid it at all cost and pretend as if life was pinky-rosy road smoothly carpeted. I bet no-one has ever achieved anything great without challenges and objections along the ride. The key is how well they tackle. The best you can do is to acknowledge it, find a way to turn it around to in a positive way that works. The most irresistible attraction has always been the positive mind, it goes miles far away in the long run plus it feels pretty awesome in the short term too. As always said, a positive mind brings the positive life. When you understand it starts from the inside with your contentment, being happy is an inside journey, and do more things make you smile. You will never be let down or feeling low yet rising incredibly stronger and shiner.


2.  Live no regrets or die wondering
Living without regrets does not mean to live without foreseeing any consequences or reckless. The balance should be formulated with educated risks combined a healthy realistic dose of optimistic expectation. Explore more and discover more so that you would never regret a thing you did not try. No “ifs” “ands” or “buts”needed, believe in yourself, it sets you apart from the madding crowd because at the end you are the one who would be sorry for not taking the chance.
3. Be the pioneer you admire
Humbly you need to be the pioneer and take a positive path to make an example for others to discover their illuminating direction. I’ve heard millennials including myself saying we want to make the world a better place, unequivocally, saying is not enough, be daring to go for it. Don’t put it on hold for too long or waiting for a miracle to happen accidentally or by chance. Work on it, fast or slow, have the time or not, just keep working on it persistently. It’s not going to be easier yet you are getting better and wiser after all the hustles and breakdowns. I sure can guarantee it is worth the effort or at least gives the best shot. Wouldn’t it be a better world with more happy faces doing what feels important and brings them rewarding joy?
4. If it’s not challenging, it might not worth it
Doubting and thinking life is difficult, which might kill you softly and do more harm to your positive immunity system. It keeps you in the comfort zones, and it is nothing but dull.  Imagine if it was easy, would you really thrive to achieve it? It sure is the reason why the mountaintop always looks unfathomably marvellous.  Moreover, it’s definitely beautiful and never crowded on the top as long as you keep climbing, you’ll reach the mountaintop. If you fall, either you fall better, or worst, the ground will for sure have your back 😉