Top 5 uplifting points for the decade in review

Wandering on my memory lane on a rainy day in Taichung, I’ve got myself an acceptable excuse to just stay inside and write before the new decade 2020s commences ( and perhaps overthinking everything without guilts :D)

Visiting Taiwan at this time of the year has generated some unexpected thoughts of what an exhilarating roller coaster 2019 and the decade 2010s has been on any possible aspects.

Geographically from Belgium, the Netherlands to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and now Taiwan with the emotionally approaching quarter-life crisis state of mind to the absolute self-content one.

Here are the top 5 uplifting points of my decade in review:

1. There is no dream job.

You have to work and figure it out what realistically aligns most with your passion, personal value and integrity. It was not a totally smooth path to thrive on my journey. There are obviously bumps on my career path, some might have been twisting points with priceless learning points.

Never give up on what truly matters and makes me feel rewardingly happy at the end of the day. Plus seeking for endless career advice and immersed myself in the field, gladly I’ve found the sector and a career to thrive for.

Bonus, it well-fits with my travelling wish list. By being based in HCMC working closely in a business side with the BOD of an international school, it seems to be a promising start of the new decade.

2. Most people overestimate what can be achieved in a year and underestimate what can be achieved in a decade or a few years.

As it seems like an exhausting flare to have a wandering memory lane backing to 10 years ago and watching your own progressing life movie in a slow motion.

10 years ago, I would never even imagine in my wildest dream travelling to 30 countries and countless cities. Which has been totally possible by being based in a central country in a specific region, where I can travel to other neighbouring countries while working and studying without hurting my budget and having a decent earning.

By that way, I can ensure of the effectiveness and efficiency with regards to the time and money as well as making progress on my personal and professional growth.

In contrast, in this highly fast moving decade thanks to rapid innovative development, it’s getting somewhat unrealistic to plan in details in 10 years with tons of unforeseen variables. Frankly, I’d say 3-5 years can be laid out meticulously and a decade can be generally planned out with realistic flexibility.

3. Insecurity can be a fatally dead-end road. So, live without no regrets and travel with no excuse.

One of my favourite questions is: ” Would you prefer your present-self to your past-self?”. The definitely yes is always a good start to boost confidence and eliminate the insecurity.

To be totally honest, I don’t even know where to start, the insecurity somehow just appeared in daily thought since I was a teenager. And as I’ve observed from myself and others, it can be outwardly come out in many forms from the various extend of shyness to the extreme arrogance just to instinctively protect their inner-self from the fear of the unknowns. Despite of the possible cliche, we always can always choose to see “live” as reversely “evil” or “live” itself. As experiencing myself, the most uplifting experience ever is to remove the insecurity and replace it with peace of mind.

4 . Prejudice – We are fundamentally the same but express ourselves so differently.

By seeing the country with real eyes, travelling and living in the closest local experience as possible, I have to say we all have at least one prejudice about a specific country thanks to the media and common sense. For example, Dutch are thrift and rude, Scandinavians are cold-hearted, Spanish are big-talkers, Singaporean are materialistic, Malaysian are weird, Taiwanese are like the Japanese. Or all European or Asian are respectively the same. Yet, Please don’t hold those beliefs strongly, go and see for yourself. The surprising and genuine kindness of the each country uniquely touches your heart deeply.

5. Life-long learning is what keeps you alive.
Truly I don’t have or hope to have everything figure out yet in this decade or the incoming decades. But I know trying to adapt and evolve everyday which lifts me closer to the better in both personal and professional front. And I love it that way! To keep the open-mind and refreshing perspective for ongoing learning points. To live not to just exist.